Created in Melbourne in 2015, High School Dance Competition (HSDC) is a unique Freestyle Dance Competition with an exceptional response from schools, teachers, and parents alike! HSDC is about encouraging participants to have fun, keep fit and healthy and create a team culture while competing against the best dance groups from various high / secondary schools in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. The theme for this competition is Bollywood.

HSDC 2017 Competition Criteria:

Participation Process


Step 1: Awareness about the competition

  • Print the HSDC Poster (email attachment) to A3 size and display it in your school notice board. You can also include it on your school’s website and newsletters.
  • Announce about the Competition during the assembly or as a special announcement.

Step 2: Registration

Step 3: Preparation

  • Selected entries will receive a confirmation email from HSDC.
  • Create music track (max 4 minutes – Bollywood songs remix or Bollywood songs remixed with any other songs) for the dance and email:
  • Send a performing groups photo for promotion on HSDC website and Facebook pages. HSDC will send your group’s personalised poster, post it on your Facebook page and invite your friends to like your group and invite to the program. (Special prize for group with highest likes).
  • Organise dance practices.
  • Prepare a ballot box with your schools name on it (Best box wins a surprise prize).
  • Each participating group will sell a minimum of 30 tickets

Step 4: Event Day

  • Each school should have a team manager (Teacher / senior student) accompany the competing group. Arrive early to the venue to avoid any traffic delays.

Competition Criteria:

  • One entry per School – Minimum of 4 students / Maximum 30 students per group.
  • Music used: Bollywood movie songs should be the base and can be remixed with any other songs.
  • Song duration: 4 minutes max.

 Judging Panel Score – 50% (3 Judges) 

Judging Criteria  Details Score
Presentation and Costumes Groups’ Presentation,  Costumes and Appearance 15
Choreography Effective choreography, particular moves that require high level of skill 10
Synchronization and Team work How well the group is working throughout every section of the dance, beat and rhythm. And how well the team make use of the number of performers that they have on stage 15
Creativity / Formations Flow of choreography from one section to another, how well the formations are made 10

Audience Poll  –  50%

Total Score: 100%

Awards and Cash Prizes:

Winner (First Prize) :  Trophy and  $1000 CASH PRIZE

Winning Group will receive $1000 CASH PRIZE and Trophy

Runner-up (Second Prize) :  Trophy and  $500 CASH PRIZE

Winning Group will receive $500 CASH PRIZE and Trophy

2nd Runner-up  (Third Prize) :  Trophy and  $250 CASH PRIZE

Winning Group will receive $250 CASH PRIZE and Trophy

Other prizes include:   Best Choreography / Best Costume / Best ballot box / Top Facebook likes

Every participating School is a winner: Cash Prize $100

HSDC will provide guidance to participating schools in regards to music / costumes / choreography. Remember HSDC representative is a phone call away.

We look forward to receiving entries from your school. The closing date for registering entries is 15th May, 2016. If you have any questions please submit your request through online contact form.